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Author Topic: Nitro Gen Wrestling (NGW) Seeking Partnership  (Read 710 times)

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Carlos Cruz

Nitro Gen Wrestling (NGW) Seeking Partnership
« on: March 08, 2015, 10:33:35 PM »


About NGW:

In Character- Nitro Gen Wrestling, founded by Ramon Cruz, was formerly an indie company known as TNG (The Next Generation). Now signed to air on ESPN, Mr. Cruz intends to make this company become the greatest of them all. Continuing his search for sponsors and partners, Cruz is excited to have launched a part of his life called NGW. Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California.

Outside of Character- My friend and I have been hungry to open our own fed, but wanted something that would stand out of course. Our goal is provide aid to Fed Heads to help them become better writers, than what they are now. We're new, so we're ready for what gets thrown our way. Just know we plan on staying open for years to come. We want EVERYONE to have a shot at becoming something great, not sticking with one or two guys on the mountaintop. I guarantee this Staff will be dedicated to every individual that signs up.

Type of Fed: A Match Writing Turn Based fed. If you're unfamiliar with what a turn based match writing fed is, please direct your attention here: Referees will be at hand to judge a match. Rules are posted, for those who still don't understand. NGW is bi-weekly and it's main show is Saturday Night Ignition, which takes place all over the world.

1. NGW World Nitro Championship
2. NGW No Limits Championship
3. NGW Starlets Championship
4. NGW Universal Tag Team Championships
5. NGW Golden Ticket Briefcase

Additional Information: We're still in search of GFX artists, and more members to add on Staff. In regards to GFX, we're looking for a few artists (1-3) to simply make match up logos, PPV posters, and/or video game covers. Yes we're new, and people might be scared to take a risk on. But we're dedicated to make this work for all of us. Give us a try, and see what you like.

Again here's our link: