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Author Topic: XWA BattleZone (Xtreme Wrestling Alliance)  (Read 781 times)

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XWA BattleZone (Xtreme Wrestling Alliance)
« on: January 20, 2015, 10:57:34 PM »
Hey people. I'm DJS, head admin down at the XWA, a match-writing fed. I've been on the site lurking and using renders for the past five years (first place I check every time I need one), but it's only just dawned on me you guys affiliate. I do know Danger Liam quite well so hopefully he can vouch that I'm not too much of a scum-bag, but I make no promises!

Anyhow, here's some info on the XWA, if anyone has any questions, leave a reply OR even PM me.


Fed Name:
Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (also known as XWA or the XWA BattleZone)

Year Reopened:


We are a match based fed, and employ the following style of match writing:

Two or more players write complete competing matches, and the rest of the community vote for the winner. The match with the most votes will be considered canon and the writer of the match will be declared it's winner (unless they write themselves as the loser, in which case they'd naturally be declared the loser, but it'd still be canon). If the other match writer no-shows then the one who did show will win and their match will automatically be canon. If neither shows, the match will be not be considered to have taken place and neither will win.

About Us:
If you're reading this, it must mean you are interested in the XWA, the internet's #1 Match-Writing E-Fed. The door here is always open and we welcome anyone who wishes to participate.

Founded in 1999 and once boasting one of the biggest rosters in e-fedding, the XWA was brought to an unceremonious halt when it closed down in 2005. For the years following it's hiatus the XWA was nothing more than a memory, something referred to in past tense at all times.

In 2009, the XWA returned, bringing with it many of the veterans that occupied it once upon a time while recruiting and bringing a new crop of awesome stars to the XWA ring.

The newest version of the XWA has been active for five years, and in that time we've seen some of the best matches ever written, new rivalries started and old ones continued, and indisputable proof that the younger, less experienced guys can hang in our ever-changing main event scene.

In 2015, we've changed it all up again, taking away Disqualfication and Count Out to allow the XWA to become a much more chaotic environment. Join us using the link at the bottom or by clicking the logo at the top of the page and get involved in the forever crazy, never quiet world of the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance!

Special Features:
For The People, BY The People-
The XWA BattleZone prides it's self on the fact it is mainly, if not all driven exclusively by the members themselves. Here you will not get anyone telling you that you can't do a storyline, that you can't have more than one character, that you're not ready to challenge for a belt. Quite simply, you tell your own story and we go along with the ride you create. Matches are judged by other members, not a faceless board of admins. All things considered the XWA experience is brought together completely by a unique, collective effort by the entire board it's self. The main focus of XWA programming can completely change depending on what you bring us. You want to be in the main event? Grab the bull by the horns and show us why.

"Three to Gold"-
The Three to Gold Rule is a scheme set by DJS upon his taking over as General Manager. In between ever Pay Per View there are three episodes of XWA Massacre. Guess what? Win all three and you WILL be granted a title match with the World Heavyweight Champion at the upcoming PPV. Win twice, that's fine too- you'll get to choose whether you want a shot at the Hardcore or Gladitorial Championship. After every PPV, the counter resets and you get your chance to try again! At XWA, we make sure if you want a title shot, you've got the opportunity to earn it.

Land of the Lawless-
In the XWA, there are no Disqualifications and no Count-Outs. Sure, we still have gimmick matches and stipulations but we are keen to emphasize "Xtreme" in the best way possible. The only matches fought under traditional wrestling rules are matches for the Gladitorial Championship, the title designed for pure professional wrestlers. Otherwise, anything goes.

The Lord of the Ring Tournament-
An annual tradition of the XWA, the Lord of the Ring tournament is yet another way to earn a shot at becoming immortal. Fight your way through this roster-wide tournament and climb to the top of the XWA and you'll become Lord of the Ring, permitting you one shot at the XWA World Heavyweight Championship whenever you want, over the period of a year.

OOC Boards-
We have one of the most active Out Of Character presences in any Efed. Lots of boards to talk about anything, be it films, wrestling, games, life in general...practically anything.

We're an open community at the XWA. So open in fact that we have a special feedback board- the XWA Zone. If you've got ideas you wanna pitch or you just wanna give us some feedback about whatever on the boards then we'll allow that! Our feedback board has been created especially for this.



YouTube Channel:

Show Shedule:
Bi-Weekly Show- "XWA Massacre"
Bi-Monthly Pay Per Views

The card is posted on a Sunday then the deadline is on the following Tuesday, so you are given a period of nine days to write and post your match. A small break will be taken till the next Sunday when the next card is posted and the circle continues. This is the schedule for every show. Occasionally we will give extensions for things, be they matches or voting. There is no deadline for promos.

Admin Team:
DJS, Angelus, Johawn, Tempest, Dan Bennett and DarkSabre


Board URL:

Danger Liam

Re: XWA BattleZone (Xtreme Wrestling Alliance)
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2015, 10:21:49 AM »
I'm not too much of a scum-bag


The XWA is a very well run e-fed and by far the best of it's kind (match writing). I don't know a ton about how the partnership program works so I couldn't say one way or another but I'm happy to answer questions from Crank and anyone else about the place.