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8Bitx Radio Network
« on: February 13, 2014, 03:38:17 AM »

My name is Sean Lathrop of 8 Bitx Radio Network and we are looking at creating a partnership of sorts with the PSD-Dreams family.

8bitx has been around since 2006 providing a mixture of video game music, video game cover bands, and chiptunes from artists such as DJ Cutman, Brentalfloss, Mega Ran, Smooth McGroove, The Megas and many others. In between the music we host shows with recent guests such as Diamond Dallas Page, Dale North, and Jeff Ball. Plus we have provided live coverage of Magfest 11 and 12's music shows.

Of course, we would also promote items going on with PSD-Dreams on our facebook page and website page. If statistics are needed, I can provide them through email only because the file is too large. Just contact me at

Contact me back if this is of interest of you and if you have any questions.


Re: 8Bitx Radio Network
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Re: 8Bitx Radio Network
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Great, really need a covered space for the equipment other

Re: 8Bitx Radio Network
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