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« on: October 03, 2012, 08:21:28 PM »
Wrestling-Network.Net is a website where you can watch replays from wwe and tna (show, ppv, dvd, etc.), for free, in hd. All you need is an account.

We also provide hd live streams for impact, raw, and hq for pay-per-views.

We have 6.143 (at time of the post) confirmed accounts. The site launched in 2010 with just a live stream page. In 2012 we start posting replays, and in July we launched what you see now. (so those 6.143 confirmed accounts were made between july and now).

Visits since January: (from google analytics)
And we get around 250k - 300k pageviews per month

Facebook page: (4.396 likes)
Twitter page: (669 followers, but i don't really care about this)
Pinterest: (16 followers, but we started advertising the account 3 days ago)

There are just 2 admins for now: me (BeBe) and xCMPunk

Alexa Global Rank: 1.458.161
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we discuss it


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ok, send me a pm when you are sure


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nothing?  ???


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oh, sorry...
yeah we want to add you as a partner, we just need a little banner or sth like that to add you :)