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Author Topic: Community Section Update.  (Read 287 times)

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Community Section Update.
« on: December 15, 2016, 02:46:56 PM »
Hey everyone;

So i've just spent an hour and a half cleaning up the community section, updating winners for SOTW, adding new SOTW, updating rankings, updating posterized, creating posterized, sorting winners for posterized, and finally adding the roadblock predictions.

Now first of all, I want to apologise for the massive, massive delays in this, I was under the assumption that someone else was handling this side of the community.

Because of this, I will be running SOTW every week again. I will also be running the posterized and predictions for WWE PPVs. These will be the only community games on offer for a while.

In the new year I will talk with Gherdez and see if we can get someone else on board, to help out or to create new games, so look forward to that in 2017.

Second of all, I was quite disappointed with the turn out in regards to voting ... please from now on will everyone vote, otherwise I will just be deciding the winner.

Thirdly, I will be announcing the winners of the SOTW awards and Prediction Awards soon. As you may notice, there has been a rankings topic which has been updated all year. 
The predictions winner will be announced after roadbloack
The SOTW awards winner will be announced in the new year.

  • 15th-21st - Tag Team Champions - Active Now
  • 22nd-28th - Last SOTW of 2016
  • NEW SOTWs for 2017 will start on Mon the 2nd Jan
    • They will run Mon-Sun every week
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Re: Community Section Update.
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2016, 01:33:07 PM »
Further to this, I will be trying to finish off the SOTM awards,

so I need people to vote!
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